In day today lifestyle microsoft excel course singapore is playing a major role in student’s life and employee’s life. Because from storing data to calculation excel leads a major play in everyone’s life and also using excel is an easy and useful one. Without excel knowledge no one can start their accounts carrier because excel is their basement to become an expert in that field. In Microsoft excel course Singapore there is some courses which is more important to learn. Here I’m going to explain the 100 excel tips which are taken in Singapore as a course. It contains a bunch of tips and tricks. With full list of tips and techniques on pocket, every Excel lover will be able to save hours effectively improving their work efficiency.

If you are a frequent Excel user in a day, you may have noticed that using standard methods and techniques often involving so many steps would takes a good volume of your time. This course is not only a compilation of keyboard tips and techniques learned in the general basic intermediate advanced Excel courses. Be eager to learn these Microsoft excel course Singapore tips and techniques you didn’t even know excel have it.

This course is having some objectives and things to bring. While starting process you need to register like any other normal course learning. Please kindly provide all the details which it’s needed. Each section is having sub categories in that they fully explained about the techniques. Selection and navigation is having 9 techniques and then data entry is having 9 tips and techniques. Worksheet and ribbon is having separate 10 techniques and tips. Then the bigger one is data manipulation which is having 27 tips. Formula is about 27 tips and chart is having two tips pivot table having 6 and macro 9 tips then number 100 tip is a biggest surprise.