Construction is a multifaceted arena that is an amalgamation of diverse services such as architecture and engineering, interiors and roofing. The roof is an indispensable part of a building as it protects from the exterior and should be strong and durable. A roofing contractor is a person who deals with building, restoring a roof. Since roofing is significant the process needs to be well planned before it is undertaken.

Hiring a roofing contractor

There are two types of roofing services:

  • Independent Roofing contractors

These contractors work independently or single-handedly and are suitable for fixing minor issues such as a crack or a patch or leaks. Due to a minimal workforce, it takes a longer duration to undertake larger projects.

  • Roofing company

Here the workers render service as a part of an organization and represent the same.

So, they work as a team and are suitable for large roofing projects such as replacing an old roof. Since the workforce involved is larger they can complete the work within the stipulated period. These organizations may provide you with discounts, warranties and the best materials available. The credibility of the organization also plays an important role and a reliable source is often preferred over any other source.


Roofing involves a wide range of services such as construction and instalment, replacement, ventilation, insulation, cleaning, sealing and inspection.

Roof instalment

A basic service; a new roof is installed atop newly constructed houses or structures.

Roof repair

Roof repairs may be due to several reasons ranging from leakage to damages. A primary reason for roof repair is leakage. The chances of a crack are high if it is a sloping roof. Simple wear and tear also require a call for repair. Other factors are rigid weather conditions affecting the tiles and joints.

Roof repair may be also a consequence or a remedial measure of the damage caused by objects, loosening of screws or gusting winds.

Besides the basic services general roofing contractor St Louis also offers roof drilling, gutter cleaning and repair, commercial roofing and repair, fixing fire damage.


Roofing is a multidisciplinary field and has to be well-planned, sorted before approaching the final step.