If you are one of those who are very fond of coloring and polishing your nails regularly, then you know that there is something special, even possibly if you have a slightly smug feeling that if your precious nails are completely healthy.

Regular manicures and keeping it moisturized is one way to keep your nails healthy and look beautiful while the rest of us can only hope that your nails will always be prepared for any events and occasions.

A lot of women always dream of having that shiny and strong as well as nail polish that cannot be chipped easily so that they can always maintain their fashion and glamour, however, it is easier said than done and a lot these women are being torn between choosing gel nails and acrylic nail polish.

Both the gel nails and acrylic nail polishes, the most popular types of Accesoriosmanicura have their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is up to you to see how these are different from each other and how can you get the best of both.

Acrylic nail

Typically, acrylic nails usually have a bad reputation, however, if this is applied with proper care it will surely give you the best quality because it makes your nails appear stronger, healthier and it is also more sophisticated. One of the most important things to bear in mind is that acrylic nails should always look natural rather than looking so fake unless you want it to be fully enhanced. Also, it is very common for many that acrylic nails could harm your nails, however, this is completely untrue as long as you remove it gently and with ultimate care.

What makes acrylic nails great is that you can color it whatever you want because of its blank slate. Also, its quality is outstanding, and these are perfect when it comes to its length and its thickness.

Gel nails

You can either choose between two types of gel nails, the hard and the soft gels. Hard gels are hardened in order for it to form as a sturdy nail extension. Also called as buff-off nails, these are sanded off and cannot be removed through soaking while soft gel nails are applied by applying another overcoat that serves as a re-enforced layer. A soft gel nail can be applied faster because of the use of ultraviolet light, and not by the conventional drying that uses power mix.

Despite having the same basic chemistry, the difference between acrylic and gel nails is that it has different ingredients that create different results when it is applied to your nails. It uses powder mixes to form a solid adhesive bond. Usually, acrylic nails are mixed with powders in order for it to form a stronger adhesive bond while gel nails do not need it all because the powder polymers are already mixed to its formula.

Acrylic nails are tougher than gels, however, counter-intuitively, it is less sturdy if it is not applied correctly while gel nails are more flexible which can withstand with more force compared to the latter.

In the end, the choice is yours whether you want acrylic or gel nails, the most important thing is, you should properly apply it either at your home or at your preferred nail salon.