As you all know bitcoins are digital currencies and this e-money do not have any central authority.

The following are the different methods to get them

  • Games – One of the entertaining and fun ways to get them by playing online bitcoin games. There are few games in the internet that can be played in your mobile phones and in the personal computers and will offer some digital currencies if you play them for some time.
  • Mining – The most usual and the hardest way to earn bitcoins is through bitcoin mining. In this process, you have to solve complex mathematical problems and if you get solutions to them, you can get these electronic currencies. The person who performs mining is called miners.bitcoin exchange
  • Get as a return – Bitcoins can be get as an exchange of products. Many people get your products in return of bitcoins. You can get this money via digital wallets.
  • Buy bitcoins – In order to earn or buy them, first of all you need a digital wallet. It is software which is used to send, receive and store them. Many sellers are selling their products and services in exchange of digital currencies like bitcoins.

The bitcoin exchange is highly volatile and the rate of its price fluctuations is made by several factors and a few of them include: market size, regulation, low liquidity, inequality in wealth and more. Hence, investors who are interested in digital currency can benefit substantially by acting diligently before committing.