It cannot be denied that a well-laid wooden floor is one of the most beautiful, durable and aesthetically pleasing floor options. However, when it comes to installing wood floors, most people think this is a slow and complicated process. Although it is not easy and quick work on the weekend to properly install a wooden floor, there are a few tips that can make it a little easier.

  • Make sure that the surface you are installing the floor on is clean, dry and even. Trying to install wooden floors on an uneven surface is difficult and will not give good results.
  • Laying parquet floors in your home a few days before the start of the project will allow you to adapt to the humidity level in your home and make installation easier.
  • Make sure to include a layer of asphalt felt when installing your floor, which will facilitate laying the floor and protect it and the base.
  • When planning your installation, be sure to consider a table saw, a circular saw or an electric tool that will greatly facilitate cutting boards to the desired length.
  • Make sure that no connection in any row is closer than 6 inches to the connection in the adjacent row, and that the end pieces in any row are at least 8 inches long.
  • A good nail for a wooden floor, used to fasten strips to the lower beams, is a good idea if you are installing wood over a large area. However, it can be very difficult and can damage the surface, so be sure to know what you are doing before using one.
  • If your wooden floor collides with an adjacent floor of a different level, it is a good idea to place a reducing strip (cast or beveled piece of wood, which makes the transition between the two levels less pronounced). Even a small level change can stumble.

The truth is that although flooring installation suwanee ga is possible as a DIY project, it can be difficult for a beginner. Damaging the floor itself is very easy, it can be difficult to deal with a surface that is not even, or with a room that is not square, and laying and lying the floor can be a difficult task.


If you are not an experienced carpenter or do not know someone who is willing and willing to help you, you might want to look for contractors in your area who specialize in installing wood floors, and maybe buy materials that are the same. Thus, you can still save on the cost of materials and benefit from a professional installation.