So you’ve bought a new house, or you’re building one, and with that one of the most important features of a house is the roof. Having a roof is a must, everyone knows that, but the way the roof is designed to make it appealing to the eye is what matters, this is why you contact a contractor. If you’re living in Orlando, it would be best to search out roofing companies near me Orlando, FL, because not any type of contractor will work for you, they need to be specialized in roofing.

Why should you hire a roofing contractor?

            You may think you’re pretty handy dandy, and can handle any labour intensive project, as you say you’ve been fixing things all your life. Now it’s good if you can, no doubt about it, but fixing a roof, or completely designing a new roof is too much. So instead of being too proud hire a contractor. They have more experience than you and are well trained in the art of roofing. Also fixing a roof is downright dangerous, especially if you do not have the skills and the proper equipment, therefore hiring one can keep you safer and not have you falling of roofs. Furthermore it will save you so much time, you won’t have to spend your days lugging on the roof as they can do it, and very efficiently in fact.

What services do they offer?

            You’re thinking I should contact a roofing companies near me orlando fl, as it would be closet to you, so it’s easier. So you find some sites like who specializes in roofing. Some of the services they provide are new roof constructions, re-roofs, roof repair, metal roofing, shingle roofing, emergency services, project planning assistance, and financing your roof. They have a vibrant array of singles available, from top of the line to economy shingles that can withstand any wind pressure.


            Roofing can be pretty expensive especially if you are constructing a new roof. The price is determined of the type of shingles being used, most the most common is the cedar/wood shake shingles, this would cost around $470 per square, and about $160 per bundle. Installation charges can be from $30-$80 per hour, generally you’re going to have to spend well over $5000. If you want an exact price you can call your contractor and they’d happily make a quote for you.