Installing a trailer hitch always appears a complex process. However, if combined with relevant knowledge and equipment, it is a simple process. Even without a professional, you can successfully install your trailer hitches. If you don’t have the installation instructions that accompany the trailer hitch, no need to worry. The reason is that there are available universal tips that can assist you in the process. This article will give you step by step tips of trailer hitch installation baltimore md in simple ways.

  • Drilling the holes. This step is for the vehicles with no drilled holes. Use a heavy-duty handheld drill. Carefully tighten all fasteners as instructed by the manual.
  • Raise your vehicle. Use a jack for this and use the stand to support the vehicle.
  • Locate the holes for bolts. You can go under the vehicle and use proper lighting. Use the installation sheet. In case you need to trim any material, use the snips.
  • Drop the first two bolts in the frame. To install the other two, use the nuts in the upper part of the frame. The installation ensures that the hitch is put quickly on the frame.
  • Position the hitch by placing it under the vehicle. Use the jack to lift the hitch since it may be heavy. Turning the nuts, you will need to use a wrench and also ensure the bolts are correctly and adequately tight. Ensure the tightening is according to the toque specified.
  • Install the ball mount. However, make sure that the ball mount is long to extend the ball from the outer parts of the vehicle securely. Take caution, however, that the extension is not too much to restrain it from increasing the tongue receiver weight.
  • Using a magnet, place the trailer on the vehicle. However, ensure the trailer coupler is off to avoid the hitting of the coupler by the tow ball.
  • Lower the coupler to the ball. Do this by use of trailer jacks. Ensure the coupler is in a position that it is loose and its clamp opened.
  • Install a safety pin. The process should be done when the latch is on the hook securely, and the lock of the clamp is down. Install any electrical wiring and confirm the systems are all working inclusive of the brake lights.


The trailer hitch installation is not complicated as it may appear. The installer should, however, follow the instructions and any precautions during the whole process of trailer hitch installation baltimoremd.