Have you ever went to the salon to have your nails done but when asked what color would you want your nails to have you suddenly get confused with all the colors to choose from? Well if this has been a problem, you are not alone. We always want our nails to look pristine and well-groomed. But when it comes to picking the right nail Colores de gel or gel colors, it can be confusing.

Nail-polish contouring is simply the term in picking the colors for your skin type to give your hands a bit of life. This is not required but if you plan on getting a manicure, why not do it the right way? So to help you decide which nail polish or gel color to choose, here are some tips that can help you along the way.


For Younger-Looking Hands

If you want your hands to look younger, pick colors that are not overly immature like the neon shades. The colors should be more elegant and have a sharp color pigmentation. This can make your skin look vivid.

  • For fair skin, use soft or blushy pink colors. If you have medium skin, choose bright coral orange gel colors. For those with olive skin, look for rich or bright orange colors. And for dark skin, a mint blue color would be perfect.

For Tanned Skin

If you are going for a shade that makes your hand look more tan, then use colors that can make them appear to be a bit bronzed. Colors like orange, green, yellow, or the opaque pastel colors would suit best for this look.

  • Fair skin individuals should go for retro or blushy pink colors. If you have medium skin tone, choose gel colors that have off-white shade with a bit of blue. For those with olive skin, try shades that are within the opaque beige color. For women with dark skin, look for powdery pink colors.

To Make Nail Beds Smaller

If you want your nail beds to look smaller, you should choose gel colors with darker shades. So when ordering gel colors online, choose those with deep colors because it will easily compliment your skin tone which is the perfect match for winter.

  • If you have a fair skin tone, deep electric blue gel colors can make your nail beds look smaller. For medium skin, you can achieve this by going for dark blue-gray shades. And if you have olive skin, go for gel colors with a red-black hue and oceany green for dark skin tones.

To Make Hands Look Slimmer

If you want your hands to look slimmer, you can do that with your fingernails. You should go for natural and subtle colors so that you will not draw attention to your nails. Instead, they become an extension of your fingers.

  • For fair skin, go for sheer pink shades while medium skin tone should choose subtle and sheer tan colors. Olive skinned individuals should pick beige with a hint of pink while those with a dark skin tone should go for toffee shades.

Why Go For Gel Semi-Permanent Nail Polish?

Gone are the days when nail extensions were the hottest trends when it comes to manicure techniques. Nowadays, women are going for a more natural look that can last for longer periods. If this is what you are looking for, gel semi-permanent nails should be your first option. They are durable which can last for weeks, but the application is easy and fast.