Looking for innovative ways to boost your business? Your solution is floor graphics. It is a brilliant way to transform the floor space in your business area into a productive marketing strategy. The benefits offered by floor graphics are many. Why would you use floor graphics? Here are a few reasons why.

Refurbished or newly launched stores

If your store has been renovated recently, you might have enough floor space vacant with not much use. Or, if you have just started a business, then only a few people would be accustomed to your services. Your priority would be to make the customers aware of all the different services you offer. Floor graphics are an amazing way to achieve this. There are several ways to use graphics on the floor like,

  • Guide: Use stickers and symbols to guide customers to different aisles inside the store.
  • Sponsorships: Lead the buyer towards promotional products so that no customer would miss anything.
  • Directions: Making use of floor graphics are an excellent way to give directions to different departments within the store so that shopping is convenient and poised.

Pocket-friendly marketing

Floor graphics are a means of marketing for your business that will not drill a hole in your pocket. These are cheaper alternatives to huge flex boards or promotional posters.

floor graphics

New brands or products

If you have added some new products, floor graphics can be employed to make them accessible to customers. This will help the new items to gain visibility, and not go unnoticed. Utilize the available space to the maximum.

Enhance productivity

If the items sold are easy to find, naturally, they will sell more. Most of the times customers find it cumbersome to find the desired product in a huge store leading to completely missing the product. This can be avoided with the use of proper directional stickers.


There are several factors associated with marketing. Innovation is the key to success, and this can be achieved with the use of floor illustrations. Promotional content or newly launched products need visibility, which can be offered with the use of graphics on floor space. There is no denying the benefits of floor graphics as a tool for marketing, productivity and sales boost.