There has been an increase in the expansion of the industries over the past few years, and the need for safety has become urgent. It is a valid fear in the vessels and places where the risk of explosion and fire is more. It is why there should be 2 two-way portable and safe radios on the ships to communicate with the firefighter unit. In this article, you will learn about the use of intrinsically safe radio.

Everything to know about the safe radio

These radios comply with the fire fighting regulation to protect the marine vessel, and they are also used to communicate in explosive places like oil platforms and engine rooms. It is necessary that the operation proceeds safely, so the new SOLAS regulations dictate the use of these radios. The important thing is the safety of the ship in a hazardous environment, and to prove that it is worthy to set sail in the sea.

There are safety standards like IEC 60079 and  SS 254 Singapore Standard that make sure there should be no equipment on board that can trigger a fire or causes a volatile substance to burst. These devices are free of such components, and you can use them in the places like chemical plants, engine rooms full of combustible material, oil rigs, and boatyards. It is necessary to follow the protocol for the safety of the ship and the people on board.

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