According to the classical division, about a third of life is spent at work. However, whoever has ever tried to fit a full eight hours of sleep into one day and then devote eight hours of non-work during the day, knows that with this “one-third” it is not quite so rosy retail crew part time jobs Singapore . It is better to set out on a journey for a job that you really like.

What is the current situation on the labor market?

If you are just looking for your first job or you are at the beginning of a career / professional change, then you will probably find that there is quite a lot of work. In most career paths based on information and services, you can find widely accused recruitment networks. There are certain categories in which the competition is fierce, and you need to boost your capabilities at eleven to breakthrough. The principle, retail crew part time jobs Singapore however, is the same: HR departments are always hungry for well and accurately prepared CVs, after which the effort put in can be seen.

The Fresh Blood for the first job program is a big and very well prepared initiative that helps in this process. It was thanks to him that I grabbed the microphone and ran a bit after the career fair, looking for cool and ambitious young people 🙂

The best strategies for finding and choosing a job

In preparation for this text, I decided to ask you a few things related to looking for a job. Over 1000 people completed a quite long and demanding form in a few days, for which I thank you very much. Very interesting dependencies came out of it.