So you have learned basics on bitcoin, you are excited about potential and want to buy a few *. However how? Bitcoin can easily be bought on the exchanges, and directly from people through marketplaces. You may pay them in various ways, which will range from the hard cash to debit and credit cards to the wire transfers, and with cryptocurrencies, which depends on who you will be buying from or where you stay and for this you need to know how to get a bitcoin wallet to store it.

Set up your wallet

First step is setting up the wallet to store bitcoin – you require one, whatever is your preferred way of purchase. It can be the online wallet (part of the exchange platform or through independent provider), the desktop wallet, the mobile wallet and the offline one (like hardware device and paper wallet). Even within all these categories of the wallets there’s the wide range of the services to select from, thus do a little research before you decide on which version suits your requirements in the best way. You will find good number of information on some wallets, and tips over how to use this. Most important part of wallet is to keep your keys (string of characters) or passwords safe. Suppose you lose this, you will lose an access to bitcoin stored there.

Open account at exchange

The cryptocurrency exchanges can buy or sell BTC for you. There’re many currently operating, with different degrees of the liquidity or security, and the new ones emerge whereas others will end up closing it down. Since with the wallets, it’s advisable to do a little research before selecting– and you might be very lucky to have many reputable exchanges to select from, and your access will be limited to some, depending on the geographical area.