With the increase in pollution and the degradation of natural resources, it has become a necessity that we use our resources carefully. We mainly follow the principle of 3R which stands for recycling, regenerate and reuse. Instead of wasting things we should try to reuse it if possible, along with that eco-friendly method of regenerating resources should be searched. And the scrap catalytic converter recycling should be done so that your waste metal objects could be reused for some other purpose.

How does it work?

Many catalytic converters companies use the scrap to make use of it. you can sell your scrap to these companies for which you could receive a good amount and the company would use that scrap to make something of utility.

Model of recycling

Companies use three category recycling model to pursue this business, through which you can have your scrap catalytic converter recycling. The models are-

  • Model A- This model includes direct purchase, under which the team would get your preferred location and inspect the material. After grading and price negotiation we could make the payment to you.
  • Model B- This has on purchase analysis which means on spot verification based on international standards and the payment is made.
  • Model C- This includes refining and recovery in which the higher volume of material goes through sample analysis as value-added services and the payment is made based on the current price of metal recovered.

In this way, you can make money from the scrap.