A detailed analysis of baseline is the prerequisite for an attempt at improvement. It is inherent to the intelligent energy-saving management system: understanding your carbon audit and root sources of the emissions is important for taking effective and right measures that will decrease your emissions. The detailed carbon footprint will taking in account emissions on a company and product level is thus an important component of the effective sustainability strategy. Let us look at the benefits of carbon credits:

Higher Efficiency and More Saving

  • To improve energy conservation and efficiency
  • To review energy use, for example air conditioner, elevator, and lighting
  • Allow building owners go green & save money in a long term
  • Create the green working environment, improve overall health condition and heighten the productivity amongst the employees

Living Up to the Environmental Education

The carbon credits Hong Kong will help the schools in launching our environmental education programs & educate students in a scope of the environmental protection

  • Equip with energy-saving facilities at the campus to cope with the Green Campus development
  • Review use of the energy and lower down operating costs in a long term
  • Being a pioneer in formulating environmental education programs & to play an important role for bringing up future generations with an importance of the environmental protection
  • Schools will apply funding for the minor works projects under Environment & Conservation Fund to do carbon audit & energy efficiency Projects where subsidized amount can reach many dollars for every project.
  • Create healthier classrooms & energy efficient schools to improve the student performance as well as save money when helping to protect our environment & reducing the carbon emissions.

carbon credits Hong Kong

Some Important Steps of the Energy Audit

  • Review of the Energy Consuming Equipment
  • Collection of the Building Information
  • Cost Benefit Checks of Energy Management Opportunities
  • Indentification of EMO
  • Compiling Carbon Audit Report
  • Recommendations

As we can see that “intelligent energy saving management system” achieves many contributions in energy efficiency in plenty of fields. The advantages aren’t just in reducing the electricity risks like avoiding the fire emergency that is caused by the short circuits, but in improving electricity by using behavior. Furthermore, customers will manage and review the energy use over the entire organization, allowing them to see the obvious enhancement in the performance and budget in an effective way, improve competitiveness and productivity, and improve the business brand.

Wrap Up

In final conclusion, innovation offer not just the better program for the electricity visualization, but also the comprehensive, integrated and flexible power and energy management system that will make our lifestyle more intelligent. So, these are some of the benefits of conducting carbon audit.