Many of our new IBM Cloud virtual server clients come from on-premise IT environments, and every couple of years, they are all too familiar with hitting reset and buying hardware and software. While here, many run their constant and heavy workloads on our virtual servers (like massive database sets), intending to keep them running for extended periods.

            The ability to maintain allocated resources and assert that resources will help ensure a more efficient transition to the cloud and further optimize your investment once you arrive. When you are considering switching to the cloud with IBM Cloud Reserved virtual servers, you will extend your on-site procurement period from one to three years and switch the workloads to the cloud with more flexibility at lower costs. You will keep the data center’s exact capacity for its existing virtual server users that you need to scale out when you need it the most. So if you want a one-year or three-year term, there’s substantial cost management so savings.

  • Guaranteed capacity: Its ability to ensure the reservation is one of the special IBM Cloud-only features of reserved servers. Many providers provide similar capabilities but explicitly state that the booking is a “best-effort” to reserve that capability. Meaning, in some cases, not guaranteed.
  • General availability: IBM Cloud Reserved virtual servers will be available globally via IBM Cloud — by mid-October 2018, approximately 19 countries, six continents, six territories, 43 data centers, and 18 availability zones. Since day one, you can reserve and deploy power, with full scale and control, anywhere you need it.

IBM iSeries hosting

  • Controlled provisioning: It has an established reservation on a physical host for the virtual servers you are ordering as part of your contract term when you are ready to reserve the room.
  • Cost control: It offers virtual servers reserved for IBM Cloud with contract terms of one year and three years. Billing comes in regular, recurring payments per use of your room, network, and apps. Apart from the upfront simplicity of pricing, the reserved rates are much lower compared to using its general hourly and monthly public virtual servers for continuous use.
  • IBM Cloud Subscriptions: IBM Cloud Subscriptions provide different time and dollar-based discounts that can get paired with your IBM Cloud Reserved virtual servers. Also, the only discounts that can get applied to Reserved Virtual Servers are IBM Cloud Subscriptions. In addition to monthly payments inherent in your IBM Cloud Reserved virtual server service, IBM Cloud Subscriptions often provide recurring, annual, or quarterly payment options.

Final Thoughts

            IBM iSeries hosting has provided lots of benefits to the corporate world. It makes everything much easier for everyone, but it also offers the utmost security and storage to utilize its capability fully and for everyone to find it easy to navigate the service.