As the time goes faster, timing is everything. And this is true when making a large purchase, such as locating the best deal on a used vehicle. Based on the advertising and click-bait ads plastered all over the internet, one would think that major summertime holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labour Day would be the best times to get a good price. However, it is completely false. Summer is not just the worst time of year to buy a car either new or second-hand but it is also the most expensive. This article will go over the best times of year to buy a car like socal mitsubishi for sale or truck, or SUV, as well as the optimum time to buy a used vehicle during its lifecycle.

The best season to buy a second-hand car

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Common opinion is that three day summer weekends are the best times to locate a good deal on a second-hand car. On the contrary, car costs tend to fall throughout the late autumn and winter months notably, January, February, and December. That is because most people looking for a new automobile wait for the following year’s model to be released, which normally happens at the end of the year.

For instance models for 2021 became available at the middle or end of 2020. Because summer is traditionally a sluggish season for new car sales. As well as, dealerships have a reduced inventory of trade-ins. It is basic economics, governed by supply and demand: A decrease in used automobile inventories means higher costs all around.

However, some holidays do tend to result in lower automobile pricing. Cars generally sell for cheaper on Veteran’s Day, Black Friday, and Christmas Eve. Unlike traditional car dealerships, socal mitsubishi for sale allows you to buy your new used car at any time of year and know you are getting an honest price from the start. Furthermore, regardless of whether you decide to buy, you may sell your old car to Shift and be confident that Shift will make you a fair offer.