Bitcoins are a form of digital currency that was first introduced in the year 2009. It was invented by a person whose identity to this date remains a mystery. With the introduction of this digital currency came the prospect of having lower transaction fees than the transactions fone through the traditional model.  It is also referred to as a sort of cryptocurrency as it uses cryptography to maintain its security. When converted from btc to inr, the price of one bitcoin becomes 29,79,826.97INR

Where can you get the chance of getting Bitcoins?

There are various websites through which people can get their hands on Bitcoin. The process is straightforward as well. One needs to visit a website, create an account and start trading in Bitcoins. Various trusted websites offer users the chance to try their luck at multiple games and get the opportunity to win Bitcoins. When converted from btc to inr, even one bitcoin can help users make much money. There are also various websites available to calculate the value of Bitcoins in INR and other important information that can help a lot in trading.

Know more about Bitcoins

It is a new kind of payment and money that does not depend on or is controlled by any central authority or bank. The complete issuing of Bitcoins is carried out through a network. It can be referred to as an open-source in which all the information is available to the general public, and anyone who wants to get Bitcoin can take part in it. No one controls it. Apart from the above things, it also allows users to enjoy many things that were previously not available to users.