Hand & Stone is the best spa in San Antonio, TX, offering a wide range of products to help you take care of your skin and body. Spa services in San Antonio, TX, are tailored to your needs and guarantee the best results. Customers can wait anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the activity and equipment selected. The choice of hands and stones makes it easy for you to find time to take care of yourself. We help you get the right look at the right price.

Detox your mind and body

A specialized massage therapist will work with you to provide a quality massage to reduce stress and help you recover. Choose between different types of massages.


  • Swedish
  • Trigger Point
  • Prenatal
  • Hot Stone – their Signature Massage!
  • Himalayan Salt Stone
  • Deep Tissue
  • Sports
  • Couples

Besides the above services, they also offer 1 hor facial treatment, quick thirty-minute treatment, aromatherapy, and many add-on treatments for spa enhancement to complement you.

Reap the benefits of good skin

They are proud to deliver skin benefits with the latest technology. Whether Dermalogica or Clarity Rx Clinical Skin Care, your faces are cared for by specialized estheticians. Their treatments improve skin and skin health for smooth, discreet, and beautiful results. At Hand & Stone, everyone can enjoy spa treatments. They treat women, men, and young people.

Contact them today

Hand & Stone offers a unique massage function. The first thought to improve the facial condition and general well-being is just one hour of a classic Swedish massage. Find out about the following services. They will help you with your request if you have never thought about it and clean your face. You may be wondering what to expect from a facial massage. You can feel comfortable and relaxed while traveling. For your health and comfort, they will remember your spa experience. Massage therapists and estheticians can tailor their services to your needs and create a wellness package. Enjoy daily spa treatments at Hand & Stone. Reserve online, call (210) 485-3066 to make a reservation, or visit the spa in San Antonio, TX.