Getting a new home is simple, but putting it into practice and customizing it to your preferences is more complicated. Many people dream of having a well-equipped, gorgeous home. Many people pursue their fantasies by entrusting great undertakings to their interior designers. Colors, materials, and services are all available from the designers.

96 Interior is dedicated to providing high-quality services for all of our projects, large or little. It combines comfort, elegance, and functionality to create a safe refuge for you. It also brings with it years of professional experience, as evidenced by our design portfolio. It has a wealth of experience dealing with remodeling projects in a variety of residential and commercial property types, including HDB resale apartments with three, four, and five rooms. The hdb 3 room resale renovation includes a guided interior space planning and design proposal process, among other benefits.


  1. Excellent interior design and layout

Investing time and effort into the design process might result in the best interior features and outlines. So go ahead and look for the services you want, and you’ll have the most effective services in your hands.

  1. three-dimensional designs

Getting your hands on 3D designs is one of the most sought and long-lasting services available for the hbd 3-room resale renovation. So explore the many designs and make the most of them.

  1. Materials of high quality

There are a lot of color selections and a lot of options. As a result, spread your hands to seize your options and acquire what you deserve.


So, by planning and employing an interior designer to meet your preferences, you can have a lovely dream house of your own. So call the interior designers right away.