Montana, the fourth largest state of the United States, is in the northwestern area of the country. It has dramatic mountains and exciting wildlife. There are a lot of outdoor activities and plenty of scenic views available in this region. Although it is one of the least densely-populated states, a lot of tourists flock to this area. There are so many famous places in Montana that made it The Treasure State. These include the Glacier National Park and the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. Aside from these well-known places, there are several hidden gems you should know.

Boiling River

Found in the wonderful Yellowstone National Park, only a few care to visit this hidden gem. Boiling River is an impressive natural wonder that combines hot water and a cold flow. The hot water is from the geothermally-heated waters of Mammoth Hot Springs. The cold flow is from the Gardner River. The combination results in a warm river. It is hot enough for a soothing experience and cool enough to provide a pleasurable bathing. The breathtaking vistas make stepping into the river even more worthwhile.

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Garden of One Thousand Buddhas

This spectacular garden in the revered Native American grounds has a true Zen vibe. It may be a common sight in Asia but it is an unusual garden in the United States. The garden has not yet reached its target of a thousand Budda statues but it is such a pleasing sight already. Buddha images in various poses give off a tranquil aura best for meditation. The statues are all arranged in a traditional wheel-like formation in ten acres of land. The pattern represents the cycle of birth, life, death, and re-birth.

Bleu Horses

These huge metal horses stand high up on a ridge in plain sight. People see them looking down over the road but only a few pause to take notice of them. There are 39 horse sculptures in different sizes and positions grazing the ridge. The tallest of them reaches eight feet tall. Some horses stand alone and others are loitering in small groups or as couples. A closer look at the metal Bleu Horses will let you see the dark blue shade painted on them. There are white stripes smudged on them, too. The shaggy manes and tales are fine rope which moves in the breeze like their real counterparts.

If these hidden gems make you want to stay in Montana so you can have easy access to fantastic sites, feel free to move in. You can look for a Whitefish Montana real estate around the area in the vicinity of these wonders. There are several areas great for families or even for individuals. It will all depend on your needs and preferences.