Hailstorms can do serious damage to your vehicle, from dent repair to window and mirror replacements. But hail damage repair lakewood co is achievable; with the proper tools and techniques, your car can be restored to its former glory! In this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into hail damage repair by discussing its causes, types of damage that may occur, and steps that you can take in order to repair it.

Hailstorms occur when warm, moist air rises into the atmosphere, where it cools down and condenses into clouds, then releases precipitation such as raindrops being carried back up into the freezing upper atmosphere and frozen into ice crystals, eventually becoming too heavy for their home storm to hold onto and falling to earth, damaging everything in its path including vehicles.

Hail damage comes in various forms depending on the size and velocity of hailstones as well as their angle of impact, such as:

Dents: Hailstones can leave small or large dents on your vehicle’s hood, roof, and doors that can cause them to dent.

Hailstones can cause permanent scratches to your vehicle’s paintwork. These scratches or scuffs may make repairs more complex or require you to purchase additional panels to repair them later.

Hailstones can shatter windows and windshields, leaving dangerous shards of glass scattered about.

Steps for Hail Damage Repair (Restoration)

If your vehicle has been affected by hail damage, what steps are available to repair it? Here are the key steps for hail damage repair:

Assess Damage: Take a close look at your vehicle to assess any signs of damage. Depending on its severity, professional repairs may be necessary.

File an Insurance Claim: If you possess comprehensive insurance, hail damage repair could potentially fall under its coverage. Submit a claim immediately with your insurer to make sure it gets taken care of as quickly as possible.

Select a Repair Method: There are various repair options for hail damage repair, including paintless dent repair, traditional dent repair and windshield replacement. Your choice will depend upon both the severity and cost of damage sustained to the vehicle.

Schedule a Repair Appointment: After selecting the method of repair you desire, schedule an appointment at a reputable repair shop with experience in hail damage repair and boasting satisfied customers.


Hail damage may be stressful, but it doesn’t need to spell doom for your vehicle. With some patience and the appropriate steps, repairing it and returning it on the road quickly is achievable. Assess any damages, file an insurance claim, and select a repair method before scheduling an appointment at a reputable shop – by following these steps, your ride can return to its former glory and enjoy its ride once more!