HDBs make up the majority of housing estates; hdb painting services has been offering painting services & has been the preferred choice for home painting services worldwide.

The painting services beautify the homes with a harmonious combination of colors. The Professional team in HDB Painting and Colour Painting consultants will help provide professional color matching for you! From problems which include fading, flaking or chalking of paints, efflorescence, holes & cracks, their services have all the necessary expertise to provide consultation.

Type of paints available:

There are many available paints, and the painters give the finish that the homeowners desire for


In this paint, there is almost no odor (for smell-sensitive occupiers)

It is washable (suitable for regular wall & ceiling cleaning)

The quality finish gives a slight shine to brighten up the wall

Odour-less and Easy Wash

Almost no odor

It is washable and very suitable for all regular wall & ceiling cleaning.

A quality finish which is slightly shone to brighten up the wall

Odour-less All In 1

Almost no odor (for smell-sensitive occupiers)

It’s washable and suitable for all regular wall & ceiling cleaning

It gives a matt finish in which color has more depth & impact

Easy Wash with Telfon

It is washable and suitable for all regular walls & also for ceiling cleaning.

Quality finish

Benefits of painting services

  • Keeps dust and dirt away.
  • Protects exterior surfaces.
  • Protects interior surfaces.
  • Enhances the visual appeal.
  • Increases the value of your home.
  • Promotes good indoor air quality


It doesn’t matter whether you reside in an independent house or an HDB; the services present you with more than willing to paint your spaces. The painting services are of professionally trained painters who arrive at your doorstep with all the tools needed to give your walls a look they deserve.