Funding GDAX account may give you a few problems thus we have the concise guide that will help you out.  So, you have got three options of using when you are funding the gdax account as well as can use that really appeals to you.

Bank Wire

Using Bank Wire function generally costs a little money and if you are looking for the way to avoid any extra costs to find the GDAX account, Bank Wire funding isn’t much advisable. You are charged the transaction fee of around $10 whenever you fund the GDAX account and around $20 when you are sending funds. For funding the account through Bank Wire option, one must initiate this process before 1:00 pm in case funds are credited to the account on a same day. Initiating funding after 1:00pm can lead to the account getting funded in a next business day

Bank Account

You may add funds to the GDAX account just by adding the bank details. The process may take around 10 business days for taking proper effect.

Coinbase Account

You may move the funds from Coinbase account in GDAX account when you have registered on the GDAX. Using such option gives GDAX account instant funding because Coinbase and GDAX are owned by a same company. These are some of the top ways that you can start trading in GDAC and make sure your transaction stay safe.


The guide given above can help you to trade on the Coinbase and the GDAX with no fees. Now, you will trade on this Coinbase platform after you fulfill the conditions. You are free to buy or sell the Litecoin, Bitcoins, Ether or other Cryptocurrencies without extra cost. So, we really hope that you find the guide very helpful as well as we wish you happy trading!