Arlington, Texas is getting ready for the big fight that will happen this year. AT&T Stadium is being prepared to host for the Spence vs. Garcia match on March 16. Fox and Premier Boxing Champions had announced the big fights that will happen this year. They unveiled that the fights for this year will truly be a worth-the-wait. The biggest fight was made official, and it will be a much-discussed topic. It will be a big showdown. A fight between undefeated lightweight title Garcia and welterweight world titlist Spence Jr. The fight takes place at Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium. It is also a headline as the first FOX PPV. Jerry is the Cowboys owner who is a big boxing enthusiast. He wanted to host another big fight to be held at his stadium. In fact, it has been a played-host before, 3 boxing events.

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Watch Spence vs Garcia live free, it will be the biggest fight this year. Perhaps, it would make the biggest splash which can also be watched on FOX PPV. Garcia speaks on his side that he is taking the fight as a big challenge, and it is the nature of being a boxer. According to him, he wants the biggest challenge and it would be taking the biggest fight. Garcia said, “There is no other with that level, but only Spence, so I am taking it.”  For the record, Garcia had 39 wins out of 39 matches with 30 KOs. Spence has a record of 24 wins out of 24 matches with 21 KOs. For this fight, Garcia will be the underdog. Garcia said, the exception of a smaller man will beat a bigger guy, and this is what I am after to look forward to.” Garcia is confident in believing himself. He has the great skills that everyone had not seen ever. Garcia said that Spence will be a perfect match for him. It brings his skills out to perform his best abilities. For Garcia, this will be a great fight of the year – little guy beats a bigger man.

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Challenging fight of the year

A great fight will give a great game. So, boxing is one of the greatest sports that is worth the wait. People should not skip this challenging fight of the year. If other fights are worth-the-wait, what more with this great undefeated fighters? Watch the fight live for free or on FOX PPV HD.