Did you use air compressor? or you have it in your warehouse? First of all take a look at what is an Air compressor. It is a machine which uses its motor or electricity, it has several usages for variety of applications. It can be used to fill gas Cylinder,

Building construction tools like Grindr and Sanders and for power tools or pneumatic. You can also use it for household equipment such as tire filling etc. But while using it the temperature range of the compressor should be right. How to set your temperature of compressed air.

What is the ideal temperature of the compressor?

While using your air compressor you should pay attention to its temperature because it plays a main role in working of compressor. When you are setting it’s the temperature you should look it from various viewpoints.

Avoid overcooling: if you want to avoid freezing you have to run it above 50 Fahrenheit. The main motive of avoiding freezing of aluminium cooler which may be a result of cracking.

Avoid overheating: if your compressor goes high in the temperature you should shut down it. Or you can use other machines to reduce it.

If we talk about the perfect temperature of compressor than, 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature for your air compressor. Because it is not too hot or too cold so you can avoid both things that are overheating and freezing. It is very effective in dry air.

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