Lots of lotto players think of previous history being very important in analysis or prediction of the future lotto results. The alternative is template approach that assumes spread of the numbers or patterns is normal mode of the distribution.

Earlier Results & Lotto Draws

In data set, we are looking for the repeated numbers and patterns unlikely to happen in near future. So, clearly, we require more data for forming any kind of concrete assertions however as an example last draws are good. It is really difficult looking at the individual numbers or constructing the patterns around this as combinations will get very big. But, we may look at the groups of numbers or consider the consistency. Suppose we look at last line there’re not any prime and odd numbers in result. This must present a chance by including many odd numbers or primes in the combinations for next draw. In addition, primes or odd numbers represent the intersection of the systems as all prime numbers will be odd.

Creating the Lotto Template

The alternative approach will be creating the template of lotto results. The theory implies all the number groups can be represented equally with time. In some words, combinations are setup and you only have to wait till results revert to normal random distribution. Problem is combinations might be large for covering different patterns. As the example you may ensure that following patterns will be covered in the combinations: