A clean mattress ensures an excellent night’s sleep, especially when you know you’re not lying on piles of dust bunnies and bed bugs. Dust, skin cells, hair, and odors, as well as insects and viruses, may all be found in your mattress. This can have an impact not just on your health but also on the quality of your sleep. It is good to learn how to clean a mattress.

Mattresses are frequently subjected to a wide range of stains, fluids, and filth, ranging from blood and sweat to dust mites and fleas, depending on the severity. Despite your best attempts to preserve your mattress with liners, protectors, and linen, all of the unpleasantries manage to find their way deep into the mattress lining. The question is, how can we clean a mattress properly without damaging it with various tools and solutions? Here are a few simple techniques for cleaning and sanitizing your mattress:

Sanitize and debug

For those of us who fear the thought of any creepy crawly occupying our mattress, the prospect of debugging and sanitizing fills us with delight. That much we can handle dead bugs. Check that all of the windows are open and that there is adequate airflow in the room. Arm yourself with an odorless doom can and spray the mattress’s perimeter. Allow it to rest for an hour before spreading again to get rid of any tiny residual crawlers.


After you’ve given the room a good airing, bring in your beloved vacuum cleaner and suck the life right out of your mattress. Make sure to get the nozzle into even the smallest and tightest of corners. To guarantee that any traces of insect life are sucked up, flip the mattress over and vacuum on the bottom as well.

Spots and stains should be removed.

If there are any apparent spots or stains, use a spray bottle and a water-and-detergent mixture to remove them. Scrub any stains out using a sponge, then rinse and let the areas dry.

Mattresses may be stinky and should be replaced regularly. To remove the odor, put a sufficient amount of baking soda on the mattress and let it for three to four hours. Vacuum up the residue when the timer has expired.

Lastly, use a mattress protector before placing your fitted sheet, as this will prevent any further smudges and stains.