Women nowadays are equally as brave as men. So when it comes to concealed carry options for women, there are now different holsters for you. If there is a need to carry almost every day, you must know how to carry it wisely and safely. If you want to know your options, here are some tips for you.

Corset Holster

The corset holster is one of the most popular for women. With this option, you can wear even tight-fitting clothes and dresses. The corset holster can help you discreetly carry your protection and still flaunt your figure. Your weapon can be placed near your kidney area, whether on the left or right side, and you can easily access it too when needed. So there is no more need to worry about being too obvious because a corset holster can make you use the clothes that you usually wear.

Garter Holster

Another popular option for concealed carry for women. The garter holster will give you more options when it comes to dresses or clothes that you have to wear. You can still be fashionable while keeping a weapon for self-protection. You can choose to wear it on your right or left thigh, depending on your preference.

Concealed Carry Options For Women

Hip Hugger

When it comes to concealed carry options for women, hip hugger is one of the most popular choices. Hip huggers will not require a pocket because most of them have their own. When it comes to concealing it, there’s no more need to wear baggy clothes and not even a waistband. You can wear anything you want while discreetly hiding your firearm.

Sport Belt

If you want something fashionable, the sport belt is the perfect choice for you. This option is not only the right choice for women but even for men. The design is with velcro around your midsection. This way, you can carry your gun anywhere you want. You can use this if you’re going to go jogging or do sports while protecting yourself from possible danger. So if you wish to wear a tight-fitting top, activewear, and even a mini dress, the sport belt can conceal your weapon.

Some people think that being a woman will make it more challenging to conceal a gun if you want to carry one. Little did they know that nowadays, there are now plenty of options. So choose from the options mentioned above and find the best for you.